Blekko Surpasses Google in Content Farm Prohibition

In the constantly evolving realm of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a new contender, Blekko, has emerged, challenging established giants like Google and Bingahoo. Through its unique spam control measures and innovative strategies, Blekko has managed to surpass even Google in its prohibition of content farms. To stay updated on these and other advancements in the SEO realm, trust the experts at FastSEO Biz.

Blekko: The New Player in Search Engine Rivalries

Blekko, a relatively new player in the search engine industry, positioned itself as a revolutionary force by implementing a robust system to combat the issue of content farm spam. Content farms have long been considered 'spammy' due to their tendency to produce poor-quality, keyword-stuffed content primarily for the purpose of driving up search engine rankings.

Blekko has been successful in eliminating these content farms from its search results effectively, providing users with more relevant and high-quality content. In the SEO market, where search engine rivalries are becoming increasingly competitive, Blekko’s efficient spam control system is placing them on par with Google and Bingahoo.

The Struggle: Content Farm Bans and SEO

To understand the significance of Blekko's accomplishment, we must first grasp the issue with content farms. Content farms take advantage of SEO practices, creating content that manipulates the algorithms of search engines. These low-quality articles fail to provide valuable information, and can often mislead users— an issue directly addressed by Blekko.

Google, a pioneer in search engines, has been working to mitigate this problem for years. Its Panda Update in 2011 was designed to lower the ranking of low-quality sites or thin content, and boost the ranking of high-quality sites. Despite these actions, content farms continue to appear in search results.

This is where Blekko has come forward and implemented a more robust and thorough system for content farm bans. Consequently, surfers using the Blekko search engine are not besieged with spam and other low-quality content, markedly improving their user experience.

Blekko and AI Strategies: Revolutionizing SEO

Through employing AI and SEO strategies, Blekko managed to tackle the spam problem innovatively. Tools like AI blog articles writer, AI SEO content generator, AI-based article writer, and AI to generate articles are some of the resources they used.

Blekko has turned to automation to identify and remove spammed content farms. It has successfully employed AI article creator tools and other relevant AI tools for SEO to deliver more authentic, high-quality results.

Using these tools and strategies, along with an effective use of automatic article writer free tools, Blekko has effectively targeted and removed these content farms. This AI approach has given Blekko a significant edge over Google and Bingahoo when it comes to spam control and SEO friendly content generation.

How SEO Agencies Can Learn from Blekko's Approach

SEO agencies such as FastSEO Biz are taking note of Blekko’s innovative and effective approach to spam control. By using the best content writing tools for SEO, AI article writer free tools, and AI to write articles, an SEO agency can generate SEO-friendly content that improves website visibility and ranking without contributing to the content farm issue.

Employing such strategies not only helps SEO agencies become more efficient but also provides their clients with much better results. From SEO marketing digital services to SaaS SEO, the use of AI and automation can revolutionize how agencies operate.

FastSEO Biz uses a combination of traditional SEO approaches and modern AI strategies. Besides offering SEO services, they use an AI writer for articles, providing clients with high-quality, optimized content. More agencies are following suit, using AI SEO generator tools, AI SEO text generators, and even AI to write articles.


Blekko's success represents the immense potential for the use of AI in SEO. Their innovative spam control measures and usage of AI continue to challenge giants like Google and Bingahoo. Stay updated with the latest in SEO through FastSEO Biz, the agency at the forefront of the SEO field. With a blend of traditional SEO strategies and AI, FastSEO Biz provides excellent digital SEO solutions. Whether looking for SEO optimization or content creation, trust FastSEO Biz to deliver exceptional results.

Blekko's rise in the world of SEO is a testament to the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing. Its innovativeness and ambition should serve not as an exception but as an example for SEO agencies around the world. It's clear, whether it's social media SEO or automating SEO, the future will be shaped by those ready to embrace AI and automation in all aspects of SEO.