Rogue Subdomain Deindexing from Google using URL Removal in GSC: A Guide by

Harnessing the power of AI, has become a leading AI SEO agency offering a comprehensive range of SEO services that include SEO strategies, SEO marketing, and SEO optimization. One of our many expert services is (URL Removal in GSC, or Google Search Console), which we utilize to remove rogue subdomains. This article will guide you through our process as we demonstrate it in a case study.

What is Rogue Subdomain?

A rogue subdomain is an unauthorized subdomain created within a legitimate domain. Typically, these rogue subdomains are created by hackers or spammers. They are essentially parasitic, exploiting your domain's SEO ranking to boost their own content. Left unhandled, they can cause considerable damage to your SEO ranking, appearing on Google's SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) in place of your legitimate pages.

When such subdomains are present, one quick solution to prevent their display in SERPs is deindexing them. Consequently, this preserves and restores your site's SEO ranking.

Google URL Removal Tool and GSC

The Google URL Removal Tool, found within the Google Search Console (GSC), is a handy tool for deindexing a rogue subdomain. This tool allows website owners to request Google to take down certain URLs from their search results.

GSC is a suite of tools provided by Google to help you manage your site's search functionality. It provides you with critical information regarding your site’s health, performance, and search optimization. This makes it an indispensable resource for SEO strategies.

How to Deindex Subdomain using GSC: A Case Study

Consider this case study as your Google Search Console guide to deindex a subdomain.

  1. Verify Your Website Ownership: Google ensures website safety by restricting URL removal requests to verified site owners in GSC. As such, you need to verify your domain ownership in GSC before continuing.

    • Log into the Google Search Console with your Google account.

    • Click on 'Add Property' and input your domain URL. Google will then provide verification instructions. Follow the instructions to complete the process.

  2. Identify Rogue Subdomain: Before you can remove rogue subdomains, identify them first. This involves reviewing your Google Search Console performance reports, observing unexpected spikes in traffic, or noticing uncharacteristic keywords.

    Remember, these subdomains often host fraudulent or spammy content. They may even utilize cloaking, a technique that shows different content to users and search engines.

  3. Submit Removal Request: After identifying the rogue subdomain, proceed to the URL removal tool. Found in 'Google Index' => 'Remove URLs', input the subdomain you want to remove, and request removal.

    Beware that URL removal is temporary and lasts up to 6 months, granting you enough time to identify and fix the vulnerability that allowed the creation of the rogue subdomain.

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